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Master in Event Management - English


Our website is under construction and only has a full Dutch version at the moment. Our apologies. Hereby the most important information for our international guests.

The event business is growing fast and there are many new trends to follow and new, more convenient, ways to organise events. All this new information will help to achieve a value model which can lead to a higher Return On Investment (ROI) for the organisation that is producing events or is a supplier in the event business.

International weblectures
The past 10 years Master in Event Management trained more than 800 event professionals in The Netherlands. 
Since May 2015 Master in Event Management is developing international weblectures, in cooperation with Lausanne Hospitality Consulting and Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, about event related subjects. These weblectures are available in English and subtitled in different languages.

“Weblectures are presentations about surtain subjects which can be viewed from the internet.”

The weblectures are designed for event managers/producers/planners/creators and banqueting managers of event venues (e.g. hotels, conference venues). The lessons will guide them throught the event creation and organising process.

The topics that are covered are Project Management, Events Concepts & Strategies, Experience in Event Management Hybrid Events.
After following the weblectures and passing the assignments, the event manager can organize events in a way that there will be a higher event ROI because of: 
  • The more structered way an event manager can organise events;
  • The better respond to the desired objectives; 
  • Creating a meaningful experience;
  • The knowledge on how to add more value to events; 
  • Attracting a wider audience to the event to add a online audience;
  • Making a value model for the customers and location.

More information about the weblectures.

Master in Event Management
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